Human Rights & Community

Linda at AI

Linda, far left, with her partner Carol and supporters on Amnesty's bubble blowing Pink tank at Pride in London. Photo: C Budd.

I first became involved with LGBT Human Rights through Stonewall as we were all outraged by Section 28 when it came along. At about the same time we joined Amnesty International and were invited to the inaugural meeting of their LGBT group. It was a pretty inauspicious meet as we congregated in the Reptile House at London zoo. It transpired that the guy hosting the meeting worked there and it was his weekend shift.

The rest you might say is history. If you get involved with AI you don't stay in your own box for long. The LGBT work remained my main focus, but the Stop Violence Against Women Campaign and campaigns too numerous to mention drew me to a deeper understanding of the world we live in. It also introduced me to a great bunch of people from around the globe who battle in very different circumstances to mine for their rights.

Since 2011 I have been Chair of ALEGRI (Advocating Lesbian and Gay Rights Internationally). It is a small group of professionals who lobby the UK government to fulfill its obligations to the LGBT community globally.

As my family have been in the East End for around 350 years, I bet not many people have a Hugenot feather curler in their family tree, I am pretty much involved in my locality. Over the years I have organised many events through a variety of organisations. I have mostly focussed on the older population who often get overlooked.